Millcreek Township

Americans with Disabilities Act

Transition Plan and Program Accessibility











                    Program Accessibility under the ADA




ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities

ADA requires each “service, program, or activity” of a public entity,
 when viewed in its entirety, to be readily accessible to and usable
 by individuals with disabilities

Public entities have flexibility in providing accessibility

Not required to make each existing facility accessible

Not required to fundamentally alter the nature of service, program or

There are exceptions for undue financial or administrative







                   ADAs Transition Plan Requirement



ADA requires a Public Entity to develop a Transition Plan where
structural changes are necessary to achieve program accessibility

Keys to a Transition Plan

Identify physical obstacles in public entity’s facilities that limit accessibility

Describe methods to be used to make facility accessible where required
to achieve program accessibility

Specify schedule, broken down by year, for completing work

Identify official(s) responsible for implementing Plan

Obtain public input and comments while developing Plan














                   Guiding Principles Used By Millcreek

                     In Evaluating Program Accessibility


Give priority to method with most integrated setting

Accessibility can be achieved by relocating service, program, or
activity to accessible locations on request

Multiple locations with same service, program, activity:

Only some facilities/locations need to be accessible, not all

Implement scheduling policies to accommodate requests for

accessible fields, player areas or spectator seating.

In determining which locations to make accessible, considered:

the size of the Township

the particular program features offered at each site

the geographical distance and travel times between sites

the number of sites

availability of public transportation to the sites








                    Development of Draft Transition Plan



Identified the various services, programs and activities offered or conducted
 by the Township

Identified the locations where such services, programs

and activities are available or held

Commissioned survey of locations used by Millcreek to offer a service,
program or activity

Millcreek hired United Spinal Association to conduct survey of various locations, including
20 Community Parks and associated facilities, 2 public pools, the Municipal Building and
Recycling Center area, and 2 Municipal golf courses

Determined whether buildings, facilities and parks are readily

accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities

MTSD surveyed its facilities used by Township


















                   Development of Draft Transition Plan



Survey identified items that did not comply with current

ADA standards

Common issues included:

Parking spaces and accessible routes

Various restroom/changing room issues


Obstructions (i.e., items attached to walls)

Service counter areas

Township formed committee of Township staff, solicitor, and
consultant that reviewed survey findings, assessed steps to
achieve program accessibility, and made recommendations

Township already has completed some work




                  Development of Draft Transition Plan

                    -- Committee Recommendations


No action needed at the 6 green space parks: Boulevard; Briar;
Edgevale/Bladen; Venice; Wander and Westbury.

Improve 8 of the 14 remaining parks (Asbury; Belle Valley & Pool;

Bridger; Highland; Lakewood; Scott; Veterans and Zuck Parks)

No action at the remaining 6 parks (Atlantic Blvd.; Avalon; Maplewood; Montclair;
Richmond & Gore and Wunch Parks)

Parks to be improved are distributed throughout Township, are larger

parks, and contain all the same amenities and/or more than others

Improve accessibility at 4 ballfields at the David Long Complex behind
Walnut Creek Middle School

Improve accessibility at Municipal Building, Recycling Center &

Golf Courses

Improve accessibility at 3 MTSD facilities used by the Township

McDowell Intermediate; West Lake Middle School and JS Wilson Middle Schools





                                  Transition Plan

                    Schedule of Improvements



Numerous improvements completed, including various restroom room issues,
picnic tables, service counters, door entries, and signage


Asbury Park (routes and parking)

Asbury Park Playground (installation of new equipment and surface)

David Long Complex (parking)

Millcreek Golf & Learning (route and parking)

Lakewood Park (route and parking)

Highland Park (route, pad, and playground surface)

Municipal Building (route, parking, and counters)

Bridger Park (parking)

Veteran’s Park (fishing pier parking)

J.S. Wilson ADA Benches & lockers (MTSD)

MIHS signage (MTSD)





                                Transition Plan

                       Schedule of Improvements



  Erie Golf Course (route and parking)

  Belle Valley Pool & Park (routes and parking)

Lakewood Park (playground surface for swings)

Zuck Park (routes and parking)

Westlake (interior - MTSD)

J.S. Wilson (interior - MTSD)

MIHS (interior - MTSD; parking - Township)


Westlake (parking - Township)

J.S. Wilson (parking - Township)

Scott Park (routes and parking)


David Long Complex (remaining routes - MYAA)





                    Public Comment Period on Transition Plan




Interested members of the public may submit public comments on the draft
 Transition Plan within the next 60 days. Comment period closes on
October 6 at 4:30 p.m.

Written comments may be delivered to the Townships ADA Coordinator,
Sheryl Williams, at the Township Building, or submitted by email to

Public comments will be received at the next three Supervisor Meetings
on August 22, September 12, and September 26.

Copies of the draft Transition Plan available on Township website and at
the information desk in the Township Building lobby.

Copies of this Presentation as well as a longer PowerPoint presentation
the Transition Plan also will be available on the website.

Anticipate adopting the final Transition Plan on October 10, 2017