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The Millcreek Township
Bureau of Fire Prevention

  • Conducts Fire Inspection of buildings/ residences, to be in compliance with the International Fire Code, 2009 Edition.
  • Answers complaints regarding the compliance to the International Fire Code, 2009 Edition.
  • Oversees the Millcreek Township 929 Team. This unit responds to Structure Fires and large scale incidents to provide Fire Suppression and Rescue support to our Volunteer Millcreek Township Fire Departments.
  • Cooperates with other regulatory agencies with similar requirements, i.e. City of Erie Bureau of Fire, Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA), Building Inspection Underwriters (3rd party building inspection ), The Erie County Health Department and Law Enforcement Agencies for the investigation of fire origin and cause when requested.
  • Performs home fire inspections, free of charge for Millcreek residents. Appointments are necessary. Please call 833-1111 ext. 353 or 307, 8:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To request a home fire inspection click on the link below to be redirected to the questionnaire.

Home Fire Inspection Request

Millcreek Township Bureau of Fire Incident Response Unit

Emergency Management Coordinator

Matthew B. Exley  ENP

Assistant Coordinator

Caleb Dixon

The Millcreek Township Bureau of Fire Incident Response unit responds on all Strucure Fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents with Entrapment, Ejection or Rollover, as well as any other type of reported fire in the township. The unit is made up of 15 Structural Trained Firefighters who are Municipal Employees and respond either in our Rescue Truck (picture attached), to one of our 5 volunteer fire departments to take a fire engine, or respond directly to the scene to provide trained firefighters on the scene immediately during the time of day that it is most hard for our volunteers to crew. The Unit provides Fire Suppression and Rescue services in conjunction with the 5 Volunteer Fire Departments. The unit is in service from 0730-1630 each day and is available for recall for major incidents. The Unit currently uses a 1985 GMC/E-One Rescue Truck and a 2014 Ford Police Interceptor ORS/Command Vehicle.





       Millcreek’s Supervisors on December 17, 2013 approved ordinances which adopted the 2012 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code and the 2009 edition of the International Fire Code as Township codes. 

        Millcreek’s codes reflect certain amendments to the International Codes, which are published by the International Code Council and adopted by many states and municipalities.  In part, Millcreek amended the process of administering and enforcing the codes so as to comply with governing law and existing process.  Millcreek’s Property Maintenance Code substituted existing Township regulations on certain matters (including numbering of buildings, handling of municipal waste and recyclable materials, swimming pools and vehicles) for those in the International Code.

        Millcreek’s new Fire Code was adopted by Ordinance No. 2013-13, which noted amendments to the 2009 International Fire Code.  Millcreek’s new Property Maintenance Code was adopted by Ordinance No. 2013-14, which also noted amendments to the International Code and provided for publication of a stand-alone Township code.  Both of these ordinances and the new Property Maintenance Code as adopted are accessible through this web site.


       Both codes become effective as of January 1, 2014.  After a public process seeking proposals, the Supervisors also awarded a contract to Building Inspection Underwriters of Pennsylvania, Inc. (“BIU”) to administer and enforce the new codes.

 Fire Code

         The International Fire Code has been among those codes adopted as part of Pennsylvania’s Construction Code, which governs new construction.  Currently, the 2009 edition of the International Fire Code has been adopted as part of the State’s Construction Code.  For the sake of consistency, the Supervisors adopted the 2009 edition of the Code.  Ordinance 2013-13 makes clear that Millcreek’s adoption of the Fire Code is not intended to apply to regulation of new construction which is done under Millcreek Ordinance 2004-9.  The Fire Code was adopted to ensure that current standards are in place for existing buildings.  Ordinance 2013-13 is accessible through the main page of the Ordinances section.

        Millcreek’s contract with BIU provides generally for three types of services involving the Fire Code.  As fire code official, BIU will inspect existing non-residential structures for compliance with fire safety regulations set forth in Chapter 7 of the Property Maintenance Code and/or in the Fire Code as adopted.  Upon request, the fire code official will provide inspections and input in two circumstances, both upon request of an owner or occupant:

  ·         Conduct fire safety inspections of existing single-family dwellings, with findings

then being provided to the owner and the Township; and


·         Conduct fire safety inspections of existing non-residential buildings as to specific

      conditions or processes that do not involve inspection of an entire facility, with

     findings then being provided to the owner and the Township.

Property Maintenance Code

*** 2013 Property Maintenance Codes Book CLICK HERE

      The Property Maintenance Code addresses minimum standards for interior and exterior maintenance of existing buildings and structures.  The Supervisors adopted a Property Maintenance Code largely to protect against deterioration of the condition of buildings throughout the Township by focusing on fundamental standards before conditions deteriorate to the point where an owner will not correct violations.  Ordinance 2013-14 is accessible through the main page of the Ordinances section.  You can access the entire Property Maintenance Code as adopted in this section.

       Initially, BIU will focus its work in two distinct areas, using a similar standard in its inspections.  Each year, it will survey areas of the Township assigned by Millcreek to identify any buildings or structures which fail to meet established minimum standards of fundamental safety and stability. BIU will also receive and review complaints received as to conditions of a particular property.  Where violations are found to exist, BIU will cite the owner or other responsible party.  If violations are not corrected promptly, BIU as code official will bring actions to enforce the code and impose fines for violation.

       In general surveys of properties and in responding to complaints, BIU has been instructed by the Township to follow the same standards in determining whether a violation occurs.  These standards do not include every technical requirement in the adopted Code, because in both of these cases, the Township’s concern is with identifying and resolving serious defective conditions. The initial standard being followed by BIU is to focus generally on matters relating directly to -

             Unsafe conditions [such as Sections 304.4, 305.1 of the Code]

            Dilapidated or deteriorated property conditions

            Exterior areas uncovered and exposed to the elements [see Sections 304.2, 304.7]

            Sanitation [Section 302.1]

            Weeds, grass and vegetation in excess of 8" height or otherwise violating Section 302.4

            Motor vehicles violating Township standards in Section 302.8

            Swimming pool standards [set forth in Sections 302.1, 303.2]

            Premises identification [Section 304.3]

            Insect screens [Section 304.14]

            Rubbish and garbage standards [see Section 308]

       Generally, BIU will provide an owner with written notice where a violation has been found, and the owner will be given an opportunity to rectify the violation with a date being set for a second inspection.  Services to this point are within the Township’s contract with BIU.  The Township likely will establish a schedule of fees for any additional work required by an owner’s failure to take action by the second inspection, etc.

 Additional Inspection Programs

       Millcreek anticipates establishing programs of regular inspection of residential rental properties and commercial properties, which would become effective as early as 2015.  Largely for this reason, the Township will not process tenants’ complaints until the rental inspection program is established and can treat similarly used properties in a consistent way.

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