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Seasonal Street Information

Watch for WORKERS!!!

Spring time is the time of year that the public must be reintroduced to all those orange shirts on the side of the streets. As we do are job we ask that you SLOW down in work zones. We really are trying to make your travel more safe and pleasurable. Though delays seem like they happen at the most inopportune times, we really don't try and plan them that way. Whenever possible we will schedule work outside of rush hour travel times. We know when the shop workers have to be to work and the Mall is open. Try to remember we are there because we have to be, and the work being done will benefit us all.


In the Streets Department we have a fleet of 22 trucks we use for winter snow and ice maintenance.

They consist of

  • 14 Plow Trucks
  • 4 Salt Trucks
  • 3 Combination Salt/Plow Trucks

Plow & Salt Routes

The Township of Millcreek is divided into 17 plow routes and 7 salt routes. We are continually upgrading equipment and procedures to maintain and better the fine quality of winter maintenance that has been performed in the past years. We realize that our plows and salt trucks cannot be on every street instantly so we try and maintain the known problem areas first, and then continue in an orderly manner to remove snow and salt the streets.

Winter reminders...

  1. Remove snow from around fire hydrants.
  2. Remove leaves and other debris that may prohibit the flow of water into storm sewers.
  3. Lawn stakes must be installed by November 1st each year through April 15th. The Township will not be responsible for lawn damage if this is not done.
  4. Ordinance 99-7 prohibits anyone from leaving his or her vehicle in the street during winter snow removal. Vehicles left in the road 12 hours after being given notification will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  5. Remember when trucks are plowing they back up frequently and cannot always see you in their mirrors. Please give them ample room.
  6. Please notify the Township Streets Department of any hanging tree branches in the right of way.
  7. Make sure your trash and recycling containers are clearly visible at curbside and off the road.
  8. Make sure snow around your mail box is cleared. The policy of Millcreek Township is:
    • If the actual physical plow hits your mailbox, we will repair or replace it with a replacement not to exceed $50.00. If it is over $50.00 we will reimburse you after a supplied form is filled out and returned.
    • If the snow from the plow caused the damage to the mailbox we do not repair or replace.



It comes in many forms, light fluffy, big flakes, small blowing bits that sting your nose, almost ice, and also as freezing rain.

To some extent these are treated differently as to procedures we use at the Street Department. Snow that appears in ice form must be salted or it will cause very slippery streets. Snow that is light and fluffy (my favorite) but keeps coming until there is six inches on the road must be plowed. There are many factors our foremen must examine before and during his evaluation of a storm. Weather temperature, time of day, type of precipitation, type of year (holiday, etc.), location of storm, forecast, etc. Based on this information and his experience he directs the work force to either apply salt (with or without calcium), plow or both.

If the snow storm is extensive our drivers may have to work around the clock to keep only main roadways open. At times even they have to pull off the road because of poor visibility. We do not want to inadvertently plow into a vehicle stuck in the middle of the road because the driver could not see it.

Our Employees

The management of Streets Department are proud of our employees and have seen the quality and dedication put forth in the middle of a Snow Storm. Often working without stopping for meals, and logging the maximum number of hours allowed by the laws regulating a CDL trained driver.

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