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Work Done by the Streets Department

The type of work done at the Streets Department is extensive. The employee could be trimming trees one day and mixing asphalt for our paving crew the next. Our employee talents range from finish carpenter to grader operator, painters to block layers.

Here is a partial list and explanation of some of the jobs we do.

  • Milling
  • Crack Seal
  • Slurry Seal
  • Storm Sewer
  • Reclaiming
  • Signs
  • Vehicle Maintenance


    Milling is the procedure of removing one or several layers of old asphalt off the existing road in order to achieve the correct elevation for the new asphalt to be applied. The "Milling Machine" is supplied by a contractor that has won the bid for that year. The machine and crews supplied are scheduled to come in for usually a week of intense milling. Many township trucks must be supplied to haul the material away from the machine to a stockpile. The speed of the machine and distance traveled constitutes a need for many trucks.

    What are the benefits of Milling?

    Repair pavement profile - shaping the road to get the water to move in the desired direction.

    Repairing Ruts/Wash Boarding

    The material (millings) are stockpile and used in a number various manners.

    • New road base.
    • Backfill storm sewer ditches
    • Berm the sides of roads
    • Fill in washouts.
    • Economics - This material (old asphalt) has been a nuisance to be disposed of due to environmental regulations. Now it is an asset with a substantial dollar value.


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Crack Sealing is the process of filling cracks in the road. Sounds simple. The main consideration of the this procedure is to get loose aggregate and water out of the crack before installing the filler. The filler material is an asphalt design that is flexible and yet sturdy. The material is transported in a solid composition then heated at the job location into a liquid form. This is then applied into the cracks and excess squeegeed off.



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Slurry Seal is a combination of emulsified asphalt, fine graded aggregate and mineral fillers to provide a tough, durable paved surface. Slurry Seal adds only about 1/4 inch height to streets that are covered. This is a cost effective answer to roads that are older, cracked, weathered or minor rutted.



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In the ever increasing battle with water, produced mostly from the rainy climate, Millcreek Township is constantly installing new and refurbishing old, storm sewer lines.

This ongoing maintenance problem has been increased with the escalating grow in our township. New techniques are being developed on a regular basis. Changes in pipe design, street design, and water shed management all help to alleviate this increasing situation.

The Streets Department have crews constantly monitoring potential water problem areas. Also there is a foreman on call 24/7 if the need arises to call a crew in on off scheduled hours.

If you have an emergency please call 833-4527 during normal working hours OR the Police Dept. at 833-7777 on off hours.


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Full Depth Road Reclamation mixes existing surface and base materials to provide a strong foundation for final surfacing. Full Depth Road Reclamation is a cost effective recycling option for road restoration.
In the process of Full Depth Road Reclamation, existing asphalt is crushed along with a predetermined amount of underlying material and left in place. Once the automated machinery completes a road or section of road, the material is reformed into desired grade and crown. This makes an excellent base material on which new surface materials can be applied. Additives, like asphalt emulsions, calcium chloride, lime or cement can be blended into the process as needed. These stabilizing agents dramatically increase the road base strength.



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Joseph Bizzarro - Sign Foreman
833-1111 EXT. 357

In our ever growing world the needs of the many constantly change, and with these changes comes a need for direction. So who do we trust with this guidance? The Sign Man.

We as a community are so use to seeing signs along our travel ways we don't often realize that most signs are directing us without our concise attention.

The sign department is much more than just putting up signs. Traffic studies, sight angle inspections, petitioning for ordinances and much more are the duties of the sign foreman.

Also supplying special signs for our residents is a service he delivers.

Yearly hundreds of tax dollars are spent on installing new and repairing existing signs. Vandalism is a great problem in certain areas of the township and should be reported immediately to the Millcreek Police Department at 833-7777.

The sign foreman has to spend many hours learning the proper way to install signs. Penn Dot has set a standard that must be followed in order to promote safety to the traveler and pedestrian in a traffic situation. 


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Operations Manager of Millcreek Township Garage
William (Bill) Hitchcock

Bill leads a group of five mechanics and one service bay engineer. They maintain, service, update and repair the equipment that is in use almost daily all year long. Bill is incorporating new ideas and procedures into an already well organized department. He has set up an inventory program, updated our fuel storage systems and keeps track of new technology in his field.

Bill's department is divided into three sections which can and do overlap due to circumstances:

  • Repair and Maintenance of Street, Sewer, Water, Parks Departments and Building maintenance vehicles
  • Service of Street, Sewer, Water, Parks Departments and Building maintenance vehicles
  • Service and Repair of Police Department vehicles

Bill and his mechanics at times are sent to specialized schools to learn about one piece of equipment. These usually are several days of intense training and many hours long. At the end the mechanic is certified for that piece of machinery.

Bill has established certain hours to solicit.
Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Or call before you come. 833-4527


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