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Non-Residential Zoning Permit Checklist

This checklist identifies information and documents which must be provided with an application for building permit for work other than that involving one- and two-family dwellings. Certain information (such as property index numbers, recorded lot numbers, established Township regulations) can be provided by the Zoning Officer if not known by the applicant. If the permit pertains to lots or lands within an approved and recorded subdivision or land development plan, that plan should be referenced and must be adhered to.

Basic Information Required

  1. Name of project (and if applicable, name of recorded development to which it pertains).
  2. Location, address of site, including Erie County and Millcreek Township index number(s).
  3. Name and address of owner(s) of land.
  4. If applicable, the name and address of lessee if application is made by or on behalf of lessee.
  5. Name, address, telephone and fax number of architect, if any.
  6. Name, address, telephone and fax number of professional engineer, if any.
  7. Name, address, telephone and fax number of project contact person for project.
  8. Name, address, telephone and fax number of contractor.
  9. Name, address, telephone and fax number of full-time project representative.
  10. Lot size (and if applicable, assigned lot number within approved development).
  11. Grading/Stormwater Management Data:
    • Has grading plan for land been approved and implemented in course of development?
    • Is proposed grading consistent with the implemented grading/stormwater management plan?
    • If no grading/stormwater plan implemented, plan must be submitted, approved and implemented.
  12. Construction Data:
    • Maximum height from grade.
    • Dimensions and area of proposed building(s).
    • Proposed setbacks.
    • Estimated cost of construction.
    • Detail of proposed off-street parking.
    • Detail of proposed buffer areas and planting strips.
  13. Zoning classification of the property.
  14. Detailed description of proposed use.
  15. Traffic study with estimate of average daily traffic volume and basis for the estimate. If highway occupancy or Township street access has been authorized in connection with development, please cite that approval.
  16. Proposed water and sewage systems. Approvals or permits must be or have been submitted.
  17. Is project believed to be LERTA-eligible?
  18. Written proof of contractor’s workers compensation insurance.

Miscellaneous Requirements:

  1. A land development plan must be approved by the Board of Supervisors prior to issuance of any permit.
  2. If the project is within a land development and is included within a previously approved and implemented stormwater management plan, no new plan will be required if the project will maintain the approved and implemented plan. However, if it is proposed that the previously approved stormwater management and grading plan be altered, or if there is no existing and implemented plan, a stormwater management plan will be required and an approved plan implemented before a permit can be issued.
  3. A sewage facilities planning module must be approved by the Board of Supervisors and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection before a zoning permit can be issued. You may contact the Millcreek Township Sewer Authority at 835-6721 for details and forms.
  4. Stormwater management, grading and traffic study plans required under Millcreek Township ordinances must be prepared and under signature and seal of a registered Pennsylvania professional engineer.
  5. The Millcreek Township Engineer reviews and maintains files on subdivisions, developments and plans, profiles and other data submitted in connection with them. The Engineer may be contacted at 833-6096.
  6. If applicable, a site drainage plan must be reviewed and approved by the Township Engineer before a permit can be issued. The Engineer must also review the application as it relates to a previously approved subdivision or land development plan prior to issuance of a permit.
  7. No permit can be issued until written evidence is submitted confirming issuance of a State highway occupancy permit or approval by the Board of Supervisors of access to a Township street, as applicable.
  8. The Site Plan must show proposed access(es) to adjacent highways or streets, off-street parking, setbacks, buffer areas and planting strips and other improvements required under the approved development plan or applicable laws, regulations or specifications. Two (2) copies of the Site Plan must be submitted with the application for permit. One will be returned to the applicant upon completion of review.
  9. All improvements required under Millcreek Township ordinances, including but not limited to sidewalks, driveways, buffers and planting strips, off-street parking, water and sewer systems, must be constructed and built in accordance with Township or governing Authority specifications.
  10. See attached schedule for permit fees. The owner or agent of the owner must appear in person at the Zoning Office to pay the fee and sign the permit application unless an affidavit of owner or lessee is submitted on the form adopted by the Township.
  11. Application review will not begin until all information is supplied. Contact the Zoning Office at 833-2935 or by fax at (814)835-4919.
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