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One and Two Family Dwelling
Zoning Permit Checklist

The following identifies information that must be provided with an application for a zoning permit. Certain information (such as property index numbers, name of subdivision, recorded lot numbers, established Township regulations) can be provided by the Zoning Officer if not known by the applicant.

  1. Address, Township index number and Erie County Index number of property.
  2. Description of proposed work (such as construction, alteration, addition).
  3. Zoning classification of the property.
  4. Name and address of property owner or lessee.
  5. Name, address and telephone number of applicant.
  6. Dimensions, number of stories and area of proposed building or structure.
  7. Estimated construction cost.
  8. Name and address of contractor.
  9. Number of dwelling units presently on lot and number of units after construction.
  10. Whether public or on-lot water and septic proposed; if on-lot, permits are required.
  11. Yard setbacks and building line proposed (and those required by Zoning Ordinance).
  12. If on or adjacent to lot, identification of wetland, stream bank, Lake Erie bluff line.
  13. If access to State highway proposed, a State highway occupancy permit.
  14. If access to Township street proposed:
    • detail of location and nature of access;
    • estimated average daily traffic volume and basis for estimate.
  15. Sidewalk Permit

Other Requirements:

  • A plot plan of the proposed construction must be submitted and is part of application.(see attached plot plan)
  • If lot is within an approved subdivision having an approved and implemented grading plan, no new grading plan is required so long as approved grading is to be preserved. If approved grading plan is proposed to be revised, a grading plan and review fee of $200.00 is required (see attached fee schedule).
  • Where required, a Stormwater Management Plan prepared by a registered professional engineer (see Zoning Office for sample packet).
  • If proposed building or structure is within 50 feet from the top of a stream bank or is located in a wetland area, letter from the Pennsylvania DEP authorizing construction must be submitted.
  • If lot is near the Lake Erie bank, a stream or in an area known to experience stormwater flooding, a release of claims signed by the property owner in favor of Millcreek Township will be required.
  • Minimum traffic volume access to Township street may be granted in connection with permit. Application for minimum traffic volume access must be filed and approved.
  • Sidewalks, driveways, sump pumps, downspouts and other improvements required or governed by Township regulations must be constructed in accordance with Township specifications.
  • If lot is subject to easements or other restrictions, construction must comply with them.
  • All work must conform with applicable Federal and State laws and Township ordinances, regulations and specifications.
  • See attached fee schedule for permit fees.
  • If contractor applies for or picks up permit, copy of workers compensation insurance is required.
  • Owner must appear in person at Zoning Office to pay fee and sign permit application unless an affidavit of owner on the Township-approved form is submitted.
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