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Preformance Standards
Minimum Traffic Volume Street Access

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Street Access Permit Application

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  1. A minimum use drive or driveway is one whose average traffic volume is not greater than twenty-five vehicles entering and exiting in a given day.
  2. Off-street parking shall be provided for a residential use on the basis of a minimum of two (2) paved parking spaces per dwelling unit. Such parking may be provided as an individual garage, carport or driveway located behind the property line on the lot or in a parking compound located within 300 feet of the dwelling unit which it serves.
  3. A minimum of eight and one-half feet (81/2') by nineteen feet (19') shall be provided for each individual parking space, exclusive of handicapped spaces.
  4. Driveway aprons shall be set at the finished elevation of the accessed street's asphalt wearing course.
  5. No drive, street, driveway or driveway apron shall be installed within two feet (2') from the outside edge of any existing catch basin or catch basin grate.
  6. The width of any entrance driveway shall not exceed thirty-five feet (35'), measured at right angles to the axis of said driveway.
  7. No two driveways serving one property shall be located within fifteen feet (15') of each other at their intersection with the street line.
  8. No entrance driveway shall intersect a street line at an intersection angle of less than 45 degrees.
  9. Driveway approaches shall be flared at their intersection with the street with radii not exceeding twenty feet (20'). The entire flare shall fall within the street's right of way.
  10. The drive must have a minimum of twenty feet (20') tangent distance in curbed area or thirty feet (30') minimum tangent distance in uncurbed area between the drive and the nearest intersection.
  11. The difference between the cross slope of the roadway and the drive grade shall not exceed eight percent (8%).
  12. All driveways must be constructed in accordance with Millcreek Township’s Public and Private Improvement Code (Ordinance 2003-3) as amended and attached drawings (click to view ordinance). It is the responsibility of the person responsible for driveway construction to obtain and meet such specifications.
  13. Where a lot abuts a street whose top paving (asphalt wearing) course has not yet been applied, the lot owner shall, prior to commencement of and throughout the snow plowing season, install on each side of the driveway apron as constructed stakes not less than four feet (4') in posted height and with reflectors, these stakes to be located one foot (1') outside the paved street area.
  14. Materials and construction for driveways within the Townshp right-of-way shall conform with the PennDOT Publication 408 Sections referred to in Section 5.06.2 of Millcreek Township’s Public and Private Improvement Code.


I acknowledge receipt of a copy of these Performance Standards and certify that construction will be in accordance with them.



Date:______________   PermitNumber:________________

Applicant's Signature

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