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Code of the Township of Millcreek

Laws enacted at the municipal level in Pennsylvania are known as ordinances. For the past few years Millcreek’s Board of Supervisors has been working on a project to combine all the ordinances enacted by the Township into a single document. On September 27, 2016, the Supervisors adopted the Code of the Township of Millcreek. The Code contains all of the ordinances ever enacted as well as their current status.

The Code is organized into sections

  • Chapters Current ordinances are alphabetized by subject matter. Specific ordinances are listed by subject on the contents page at the beginning of each Chapter
  • Appendix All ordinances of a temporary nature. The Appendix includes a reference to the original ordinance and its date of adoption.
  • Disposition List showing the history of each ordinance ever enacted by Millcreek Township.

The navigation menu includes the following links

·         Code takes you to the home page.

·         New Laws contains links to recent ordinances enacted by the Board of Supervisors that have not yet been incorporated into the Code document.

·         Index is an alphabetical list of subjects. Clicking on a word provides a link to every mention of it in the Code.

Click the eCode 360 external link icon to access the Millcreek Township code. 


Current Ordinances

Address Regulations (Ordinance 1998-17)Download
Adult Entertainment Regulations (Ordinance 1999-2)Download
Animal Regulations (Ordinance 2000-15)Download
Bluff Recession Setback (Ordinance 1981-9)Download
Bottle Club Regulations (Ordinance 1998-18)Download
Brake Retarder Prohibition (Ordinance 2014-5)Download
Cable Franchise Agmt. with Time Warner Cable (Ordinance 2015-15)Download
Cable Franchise Ordinance (Ordinance 2015-9)Download
Careless Driving on Private Property (Ordinance 1992-36)Download
Code Ordinance (Ordinance 2016-11)Download
Disorderly House Ordinance (Ordinance 2013-6)Download
Earned Income Tax - Amend Ord. 67-20 (Ordinance 2015-7)Download
Electronic and other speed timing devices (Ordinance 2013-12)Download
Emergency Response Cost Reimbursement Authorization (Ordinance 2004-12)Download
Excavations Within Rights of Way (Ordinance 2015-6)Download
Fire and Emergency Services Commission Ordinance (Ordinance 2017-3) Download
Fire Code (Ordinance 2013-13)Download
Fire Code Amendment Ordinance (Ordinance 2017-1)Download
Fire Lane Regulations (Ordinance 1973-16 as amended)Download
Floodplain (Ordinance 2014-1)Download
Handicapped Parking Regulations (Ordinance 1986-21 as amended)Download
Home Rule Charter Question (Ordinance 2015-10)Download
Intergovernmental Agreement Auth. (Ordinance 2015-14)Download
Malicious Loitering or Prowling (Ordinance 1966-13)Download
Manufactured Home Parks (Ordinance 2006-8)Download
Medical Marijuana Ordinance (Ordinance 2017-5)Download
Municipal Waste and Recycling (Ordinance 2006-11)Download
Nuisance Ordinance (Ordinance 2015-8)Download
Open Burning (Ordinance 2018-2)Download
Ordinance 2015-11 (Amendment to Zoning Ordinance 2011-8)Download
Outdoor wood-fired boilers (Ordinance 2013-3)Download
Pedestrian Circulation Ordinance (Ordinance 2017-2)Download
Pension Provision Amendments (Ordinance 2015-12)Download
Pollutant Limits - Amend Ord. 2009-5 (Ordinance 2016-7)Download
Preemption Equipment (Ordinance 2014-2)Download
Property Maint. Code (Ordinance 2013-14)Download
Public Indecency Regulations (Ordinance 1998-19)Download
Realty Transfer Tax (Ordinance 2013-11)Download
Rezoning (Ordinance 2015-11) 3746 W. 12th St.Download
Rezoning (Ordinance 2016-1) Henderson, Zimmerly Rds.Download
Rezoning (Ordinance 2016-2) 5052 Peach St.Download
Rezoning (Ordinance 2016-4) 6038 Peach St.Download
Rezoning (Ordinance 2016-5) 2433 Zimmerly RoadDownload
Rezoning (Ordinance 2016-8) North side of 1700 Block Norcross Rd.Download
Sewer Rental (Ordinance 1999-8 as amended).Download
Sewer Use - Grinder Pump (Ordinance 2014-4 amd to Ord. 2004-4)Download
Sewer Use (Ordinance 2004-4)Download
Sidewalk Regulations (Ordinance 2010-10 amended and restated 2002-15) Download
Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance (2017-4 to Amend Ch. 110 of Code)Download
Speed Timing Devices (Ordinance 2015-5)Download
Stop or Yield Intersections (Ordinance 2015-13 amending Ord. 64)Download
Stormwater Management (amended and restated as No. 2011-11)Download
Street Intersections - Amend Ord. 64 (Ordinance 2016-6)Download
Subdivision and Land Development (Ordinance 2006-9 amd to 10-2011)Download
Traffic Signal Avoidance (Ordinance 2000-14)Download
Transient Vendor, Peddler Regulations (Ordinance 2013-10)Download
UCC Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement (Ordinance 2015-4)Download
Underground storage tanks (Ordinance 2013-1)Download
Uniform Construction Code (Ordinance 2004-9)Download
Weather Events Regulations Ordinance (Ord. 2016-12 To amend Ch. 40 Art. IV of Code - formerly Ord. 1999-7)Download
Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance 2015-3 (Amendment to Zoning Ordinance 2011-8)Download
Zoning (Ordinance 2016-10 to amend Section 8.04 of Z.O. 2011-8, as amended) Adaptive Reuse of Certain Nonresidential Structures)Download
Zoning Ordinance 2011-8 (as amended through Ordinance 2014-8)Download
Zoning Ordinance 2011-8 (Ordinance 2016-3 amendments)Download
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