Property Maintenance & Fire Code

On December 17, 2013, Millcreek’s supervisors approved ordinances which adopted the 2012 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code and the 2009 edition of the International Fire Code as Township codes.

Local Property Amendments

Millcreek’s codes reflect certain amendments to the International Codes, which are published by the International Code Council and adopted by many states and municipalities. In part, Millcreek amended the process of administering and enforcing the codes so as to comply with governing law and existing process. Millcreek’s Property Maintenance Code substituted existing Township regulations on certain matters (including numbering of buildings, handling of municipal waste and recyclable materials, swimming pools and vehicles) for those in the International Code.

Fire Code Amendments

Millcreek’s new Fire Code was adopted by Ordinance Number 2013-13, which noted amendments to the 2009 International Fire Code. Millcreek’s new Property Maintenance Code was adopted by Ordinance Number 2013-14, which also noted amendments to the International Code and provided for publication of a stand-alone Township code. Both of these ordinances and the new Property Maintenance Code as adopted are accessible through this website.

Code Implementation

Both codes become effective on January 1, 2014. After a public process seeking proposals, the supervisors also awarded a contract to Building Inspection Underwriters of Pennsylvania, Inc. (BIU) to administer and enforce the new codes.