Pay-As-You Throw "Per Bag" Program

Millcreek Township offers a Per Bag Program through Advanced Disposal.

To purchase PAYT bags, residents must call in the order over the phone with one of the two Customer Service Representatives listed below. PAYT bags will be delivered to your doorstep. Payment should be made over the phone with credit card or followed up with a check mailed to Advanced Disposal.

Samantha Wilkinson 814-406-4154

Jennifer Wilkinson 814-313-1049

Benefits of Per Bag Program

  • Cost savings (The less frequent the trash is placed at the curbside, the cheaper your trash bill will be)
  • Trash and recycle collection day remains the same
  • Continued collection of unlimited recycling weekly
  • Participation in Millcreek scheduled leaf and brush collection weeks (See Millcreek Township Calendar)
  • Decreasing the amount of garbage sent to the Greentree Landfill

Sign Up for the Program

  1. Call Advanced Disposal at 1-844-415-5970 to switch service from regular quarterly billing to the Per Bag Service.
  2. Next, stop into the Millcreek Township Building at 3608 West 26th Street with check or cash only to finalize the transition by purchasing the established tan garbage bags for the program from the Township. The Township building is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (The Millcreek Township Building is the only outlet available for purchasing the tan garbage bags for Millcreek Residents).
  3. At the Township Building, the cost of bags are $4.50 per bag (check or cash only). Bags are sold in bundles of four at $18 or ten for $45. This payment will continue residential service with Advanced Disposal on a pay-as-you-throw schedule. Please note that, once service is switched to the Per Bag Program, Advanced Disposal will only collect what will fit into the tan bag.
  4. Residents will no longer receive a quarterly bill from Advanced Disposal once this service is switched over. Residents transitioning in the middle of the quarterly billing cycle will be reimbursed by Advanced Disposal for any unused services. (Reminder - Residents on the Per Bag program will no longer be eligible for the Advanced Disposal Special Collection of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Electronics Program. Please call 1-844-415-5970 for proper disposal of these materials).

Important Considerations

Any trash that is not able to fit into the 33-gallon tan trash bag will not be picked up. Residents are responsible to make arrangements with Advanced Disposal for bulky items to be removed, which may involve a fee.