Electronics & Household Hazardous Waste Program

As part of the residential solid waste and recycling contract with Advanced Disposal, you will now have a year round opportunity to dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics safely, easily and responsibly.


To participate, you must contact the Advance Disposal Call Center (1-844-415-5970) to set up a collection appointment.

The Call Center operators will guide you through the steps toward a safe and successful collection. You will be asked several questions including your address and the type and amount of materials available for collection. You will be provided a convenient collection date and information about where to place the Household Hazard Waste (HHW) kit for collection. This kit will be sent to your home in plenty of time for you to gather and pack your materials.

Preparing for collection

The HHW kit includes a program instruction sheet and other items to help pack and secure household hazardous waste. All materials such as gasoline, poisons, pesticides and aerosols, must be placed into the kit. Other items such as TVs, computers, etc. may be placed outside the Kit.

HHW material is collected

On the scheduled date, the customer service technician will collect materials directly from your home. They will sort and pack the materials for proper transportation, recycling and disposal. Participants will receive a postage-paid survey card to complete and mail back to help track the program.

You have more material than will fit into the Kit? Don’t worry! Remember, this service is available year- round. Just schedule another collection! Small quantities may be combined with your neighbors. The Advance Disposal Call Center will be happy to explain your options.

Important Service Notice

Residents on the per bag program or those living in a condo, apartment or mobile home park may not be eligible for the special at-your-door program. By calling 1-866-815-0016 for a reservation, arrangements may be made to drop off these items listed above at the Erie County Recycling Convenience Center located at:
1624 Filmore Avenue
Erie, PA 16506

Collection events are held once a month on a Saturday. Fees may apply.