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All owners of taxable real property in Millcreek Township (vacant land, residential, commercial, and other structures) are subject to a real estate tax each year.


Pay Millcreek Real Estate Taxes.

Three Kinds of Taxes

All property owners in the Township pay three different kinds of real estate (property) tax. The Township levies the local tax, Erie County levies the County real estate tax and the Millcreek School District levies the school real estate tax.

Tax Bill Issuance

Tax bills are issued twice a year; the township and county taxes are issued on March 1st. The school bill is issued on July 1st.

Discount Period

Each bill has a 60 day discount period where the homeowner can save 2% on the bill as well as a penalty period in which a 10% penalty is applied. The payment periods include:

CostTownship PeriodCounty PeriodSchool Period
Discount (2% Off)March 1 to April 30March 1 to April 30July 1 to August 31
Face ValueMay 1 to June 30May 1 to June 30September to October 31
Penalty (plus 10%)July 1 to December 31July 1 to December 31November 1 to December 31