Neighborhood Watch Program

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The Millcreek Township Police Department Neighborhood Watch program is an effort to gain community assistance in the battle against crime. We are looking for people who will communicate with citizens in their neighborhoods, people who will generate interest in the program, and a person to act as a contact. We will introduce the interested people to the Erie County Neighborhood Watch Council and they will walk us through the steps necessary to start the program. Our Police Department will act as a resource and supply input at the meetings to help assist with the process.

Numerous crimes within our community are resolved through the cooperation of citizens. We are not looking for people to intervene with crimes in progress, but to simply be our eyes and ears to alert officers when suspicious activity is afoot. With your help, we can minimize crime in your neighborhoods, assist you with making your homes less vulnerable, and keep your neighborhoods safer.

If you are interested in starting a program in your neighborhood, or simply want additional information, please contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.

Below are documents related to the Neighborhood Watch program.

NRO Neighborhood Safety Toolkit - Millcreek Edition 1.20.16.pdf

The Organizer's Handbook for Neighborhood Coordinators - Oct. 2015.pdf