Recycling Requirements for Businesses


According to Millcreek Township Solid Waste & Recycling Code (Chapter 110), Owners, landlords, managers, occupants, tenants and other persons within properties in Millcreek Township which are designated and/or maintained as a "commercial pickup" shall comply with the following requirements:

1. The owner, landlord, manager and/or agent thereof shall establish a system of collection by occupants of the property of recyclable materials designated in this chapter and their placement for collection and proper removal, transportation and marketing for recycling by a hauling firm contracted for the premises. Such collection system must include:

a. Provision for collection of all designated recyclable materials established in this chapter or otherwise by the Board of Supervisors

b. Provision of suitable containers for collecting and sorting materials

c. Easily accessible locations for the containers; and

d. Written instructions to all occupants of the premises concerning designation of recyclable materials and the proper use and availability of the collection system.

Designated Recyclable Materials:

• Clear and colored glass;

• Aluminum, steel and bimetallic cans;

• Recyclable plastics;

• Recyclable cartons;

• Newspapers and newsprint;

• Magazines;

• Corrugated cardboard;

• Mixed paper; and

• Mixed cardboard

* A commercial establishment shall include any business, institutional, industrial or other use excepting only a residential use.