Volunteer Firefighters

Why Volunteer? 

Fill out our interest form above, it only takes a minute and there is no commitment. One of our current volunteers will reach out and answer any questions you have about the life of a volunteer firefighter. We want you to be confident filling out the formal application.

You don't have to live in Millcreek to volunteer.

Still not sure? 

We have great reasons to volunteer, today.

  1. Purpose and Belonging

No matter which Millcreek Fire Department you choose to volunteer at, you will find new friends and family with the shared goal of creating a lasting impact in the community.

You will have a second family, for life. 

Join 80 years of tradition in Millcreek, save lives, serve your neighborhood and be a presence in the community.


  1. Many Backgrounds - Many Ages
  1. Start With No Experience 
  1. Incentives

You will have a second family, for life.


Ready to fill out a formal application? 

Head to the Fire Department's website that best fits you!

West Ridge Fire Department

Kearsarge Fire Department 

Belle Valley Fire Department

West Lake Fire Department