Gateway District Property Acquisition Q&A


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Millcreek Township General Authorities' purchase of property on the planned Presque Isle Gateway District.

These purchases are an investment in the Millcreek community that will pay future dividends.  

The latest activity in the Presque Isle Gateway District is the result of a public planning process to improve the community and create a vibrant corridor to support business and tourism.

This is a transformational investment in the Millcreek Community – designed using best practices developed for similar community revitalization projects – that will pay future dividends.  Through the implementation of Embrace Millcreek and the Presque Isle Gateway District Plan, we are catalyzing change by strengthening this important business district and investing in our future.  

This investment will spur development of the Presque Isle Gateway District consistent with what residents shared during the ongoing public planning process and what the Township is already doing along the 8th Street corridor.   

When you look at the communities where public authorities have managed preparation of the canvas required for modern developments, you’ll find taxpayers are protected and projects like the Presque Isle Gateway District are successful economic engines that drive visitors, increase property values, create jobs, and generate tax revenue. 

Millcreek's efforts are supported by its state legislators, State Senator Dan Laughlin and State Representative Ryan Bizzarro, the Governor's office, agencies in Harrisburg, and many local redevelopment agencies. The project has already attracted a $3.5 million RACP grant received for improvements to 8th Street and the $1 million demolition funding by the Erie County Land Bank.  We continue to leverage the Township’s investment to attract other sources of funding.  

Screenshot 2023-02-08 104543

Above is concept art for the development of the Presque Isle Gateway District. These images strictly serve as visuals and may not reflect the final corridor improvements.