Millcreek Made

reimagined look. inspired community. Millcreek Made.

Millcreek Made is our campaign to build community pride and inform residents of the 2023 design changes.

Take our survey and tell us how you are Millcreek Made! 

  1. Mike McLaughlin Site Graphic
  2. Mike McLaughlin Site Graphic
  3. Donald Stark MM #2
  4. Donald Stark MM #2

    Millcreek Made Interview #1 - Chris Von Volkenburg

    Asbury Elementary music teacher Chris Von Volkenburg shares why he is Millcreek Made! This is the first of many Millcreek Made interviews and we are excited to share them with you. Read on...
  1. How long does the campaign last?

You will see Millcreek Made messaging into the summer of 2023. After the campaign, the words will still be utilized by Millcreek Township.

  1. What are you communicating with? 
  1. What about the Millcreek Made interviews?
  1. What about the Erie Apparel shirt?
layered bar design.