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Posted on: October 11, 2022

Presque Isle Gateway District Adopted Into Comprehensive Plan


Today, Oct. 11 2022, Millcreek Supervisors voted unanimously to amend the Embrace Millcreek Comprehensive Plan with the Presque Isle Gateway District Plan.

“The addition of the Presque Isle Gateway District to the Comprehensive Plan proves Millcreek’s commitment to bring the Gateway to fruition” said Matt Waldinger, Director of Planning and Development.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 113547The recommendations in the master plan. 

Included in the Presque Isle Gateway District is a detailed plan for new streetscapes and beautification in several auto-focused corridors. These will bring safety and walkability to the area and link them to Presque Isle, Millcreek Parks and Millcreek Schools through the construction of sidewalks, bike paths and multi-use trails. Specifically, improvements proposed for the West 8th St. business district will encourage both residents and visitors to spend time shopping and dining in the area.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 113405West 8th Street under the recommendations of the plan.

Adding the Presque Isle Gateway District Plan as an official amendment to the Embrace Millcreek Comprehensive Plan will make procuring grant funding easier and streamline the planning as Embrace Millcreek reaches a crucial stage. It will also assist in identifying a distinct Millcreek Community. The plan aims to embrace the opportunities presented, defined below by Matt Waldinger,

“Creating a plan specifically for the Presque Isle Gateway District helps the Township to create an area that is unique, interesting, and vibrant. Many residents love and utilize the State Park, but they also know and patronize the wonderful businesses in the surrounding area. This plan will improve public facilities near these businesses to attract the millions of locals and visitors that recreate at Presque Isle year after year."

 Matt Waldinger at 9.13.2022 Supervisor Meeting

Matt Waldinger introduces the amendment to the Embrace Millcreek Comprehensive Plan

The Presque Isle Gateway District Plan is currently being executed in the early stages. Notably, Millcreek Township is constructing a multipurpose trail along the east side of Peninsula Drive leading to Presque Isle. The plan aims to beautify, draw development and create a renewed focus around the U.S National Park Service recognized National Natural Landmark.

According to the 2018 “Embrace Millcreek” survey, the community made a repeated case that Presque Isle is one of the central aspects of Millcreek. The Township serves as the access point for the nearly four million visitors annually. Additionally, it is deemed a core component of a unique Millcreek identity.  

Interested residents can visit the amendment website to get more information, view FAQ's, or download the Presque Isle Gateway Plan. Read the entire Embrace Millcreek Comprehensive Plan on the website here.




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