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Posted on: April 15, 2021

Millfair Special Collection Event

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S P E C I A L  C O L L E C T I O N  E V E N T


L o c a t i o n :  M i l l f a i r C o m p o s t C e n t e r

( 2 3 0 1  M i l l f a i r  R o a d )

D a t e : S a t u r d a y , M a y 1 5 ,  2 0 2 1 T i m e :  9 a m  -  1 2 p m

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Please read the following carefully before registering and attending the event.

  1. This event will follow state, local and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines. COVID-19 safety measures will be in place.
  2. After registering please print out your ticket and bring it to the event or have the confirmation available on your phone.
  3. You must wear a mask and remain in your vehicle with the windows rolled up at all times while at the event site.
  4. Materials must be in the trunk of the car or bed of the truck.
  5. Containers WILL NOT BE RETURNED.
  6. This event is restricted to items from households only, no businesses.
  7. If you cannot attend the event, please cancel your appointment, since others may be waiting for an opening.
  8. We ARE NOT ACCEPTING electronics at this event.
  9. In the event that this collection must be canceled, you will be notified by email.

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• Appliances without Freon

• Automotive Batteries

• Bicycles without Tires

• Construction & Demolition Waste (Must be in good condition for resale through Habitat for Humanity)

• Glass Bottles & Jars Only (All colors, Rinsed out with no lids, caps, or corks; Labels can stay on)

• Hot Water Tanks

• Lawnmowers (not containing gas or oil)

• Paper Shredding (*See Additional Details Below.)

• Propane Tanks (Disposable propane tanks not accepted.)

• Scrap Metal (Brass, Copper, Misc. Metals, etc)

• Textiles (Clothing, Accessories, Linens, Curtains, Towels)

• Washers & Dryers


  • Appliances with Freon - $15.00 Fee per unit (i.e. Refrigerator, A/C Unit, Freezer, Dehumidifier)
  • Tires (With or Without Rim) - $5.00 Fee (Automobile and Light Truck Tires ONLY. Up to 8 Tires Per Household Permitted.)


  • FREE, complimentary shredding service provided by Northcoast Shredding Services (NAID AAA Certified)
  • Residential shredding ONLY! Businesses must make other arrangements.
  • Sensitive documents will be collected on-site and shredded immediately off-premises following event.
  • Residents are permitted to bring up to 5 boxes (2’ x 3’) or equivalent in bags.
  • Paperclips and staples need not be removed!


Bedsprings, Electronics (Televisions, Computers, etc.), Fluorescent Bulbs & Tubes, Gas Tanks, Paint & Paint Thinner, Pesticides, and Trash

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